Gaultheria fragantissima


Gaultheria fragantissima

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The essential oil of wintergreen is unique, because it consists of 99% methyl salicylate. This substance is produced synthetically on a large scale and used in many medicines and sports rubs. However, natural methyl salicylate is far more effective than its synthetic counterpart. This is an essential oil with a limited range of effects, which are pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory. As a result, its main application is as a component in massage oils. It is advised to limit its use in the bath to a strong dilution in synergy with other essential oils. Wintergreen oil has a rapid and powerful painkilling effect, especially for muscular pain, joint problems and other pains for which massage is an appropriate remedy. It can also be used for first aid; for example, after a fall and after suffering bruises during a hike.

Chemotype: methyl salicylate

Content: 10 ml

Product info

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User manual

Skin: massage, bath: 2 to 5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable oil. Contains naturally benzyl alcohol, d-limonene, linalool, eugenol, geraniol

Equivalent: 1 ml = 1043 mg = ± 28 drops

External use

Product info

  • Origin: Nepal
  • Extraction: steam distillation
  • Fragrance: phenolic, soft and medicinal
  • Appearance: light yellow to red fluid
  • Yield: 0,5 - 2%

Ingredients: Gaultheria fragantissima* (100%). *organic culture

Mean values of the main components:

methyl salicylate 95-99%
ethyl salicylate 0-1%

Essential oils are the fragrant, volatile constituents of plants, flowers, fruits, etc. Oak Organic essential oils are 100% pure, natural and botanically and biochemically defined.

A massage mixture for easing muscles and joints

2 drop Wintergreen EO
2 drop Lemon eucalyptus EO
1 drop Rosemary cineol EO
1 drop Juniper berry EO

Add to 10 ml (1 tablespoon) of the vegetable oil of your choice.

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